journey to the center of the earth

A blender project by @ndy and aiziba.

20+ pictures of vehicles built to journey to the center of the earth. And it only took two weeks? Damn, you have to see this one… - click on Journey to the center of the earth.

Feel free to post here with comments, we’d love to hear from u…

aiz and @ndy

Thanx to aiz for his work on the site… i hope there will be more projects to come in the future, it was great to make a short project within 2 weeks [hehe… i hope my hundrets of instant messages weren’t annoying… :smiley: ].

*looking to a bright blender- future… :slight_smile: *



This was just about the most fantastic collection of imagery, and the most fun I’ve had perusing someone’s art than I’ve had for quite some time…

In youre series of pics you have managed to capture a look and an emotion that takes one on that incredible journey to the cxenter of the Earth… The one wheel motorcycle was fantastic… I’m going crazy thinking of what that’d look like in an animation… The airship was just simply fantastic. It had a wonderfully weather look and feel… and the airship2 pic was just about the most cinematic image I’ve ever seen composed with Blender… the ship suspended in air over a raging lava fall… OMG… exciting… And the lava pod is just the greatest… in your designs you have captured what such a vehicle must look like (in order to withstand the harsh environment)… I’m in awe…

With this series of pics you have taken us on a journey that is just simply amazing… and to think you did it with just still images… they are so fully realized… they jump right into your brain as a full-on experience… kudos to you gents… I’m completely blown away by the sheer scope and magnitude of what you say was a two-week experience…




from a man of few words: WOW.
from a man of many words: WOW!

This is great work, maybe you should send it to the Jules Verne Society (does it exist) and see if they’ll use it in an illustrated version. It’s fantastic work.

Thanks for the feedback.
Maybe it’ s time for animating!



does anyone know a smart sentence to put in here ? :wink:

Ditto to everything SKPjason said. Brilliant stuff guys 8)



If there’s anything to nitpick it would be the lack of textures on some things… but maybe that’s the intended look, I don’t know :slight_smile:

This definitely goes right up in the top enclave of Blender work in my mind :smiley:

I’m ashamed to say that the first time I cruised your site I was in a hurry and didn’t delve quite deeply enough. Based on the strength of everyone else’s comments, though, I made a return visit and wow! Great models. Great texturing. Great website layout.

And, this is my big thing and it really shows here, great composition and lighting! There is a true style here that comes through in all of the images. As obviously unworkable as the unibike and the walker are, they have the look and feel of having been actually used. At the risk of sounding like Chris Farley, that was awesome.

omg, you guys are MASTERS! great job! the site’s a bit slow but i have dsl, so it’s ok. 8)

that is some impressive modelling and texturing!!!
its obvious the amount of worck youve put into this is astounding!
blender needs more talent like yours:)

looking forward to seeng more!


yalll gut deesull :wink: