Journey to the mountains

PLZ give your feedback on this…thanks


feedbac on what?
what are you trying to do? what is your goal?

if you are looking for criticism towrwards better looking then i think:
the models or textures are not as polished as the backround image, making contrast between them.the picture is also a bit blurry, maybe try putting a higher resoulution picture as backround.

something is a bit not fit with the ashalt texture, the white and yellow lines needs to be bigger to fit the bridge and car scale.

also, something with the picture, besides blurring, seems less convinceing. because its too big.
id say scale it down (just a bit). it seems too big to fit the scene.
the sidewalks are too dull with texture, i think itll be better to find something more fitting. (without stripes).

its overall nice.

The left side columns seem to be supporting the centre of the bridge whereas the right side columns appear to be supporting the edge. Does it seem like that to you or is it just me?

Several things:

  1. The bridge ends in midair. Even if the background image flowed more smoothly with it, the road needs to continue.
  2. Left and right streetlights don’t line up.
  3. The top of the bridge is off-center.
  4. The car needs smooth shading.
  5. So do the railings. =)
  6. Background image is kinda low-res.
  7. The streetlights are a little stretched, and the poles are a bit too thick. Also, the lights themselves are very cubic.
  8. How did you light this? It looks like a super-powerful sun lamp is blaring front-on. Decide the lighting by the background image. The left mountain is, as you can see, facing the camera, but it’s somewhat dark. From what I can tell, the light is coming from the right side of the image, and slightly behind the mountains. Always match your scene with the background image.

The railings and light poles are way too thick. The light poles look as if they’re thicker at the top than at the bottom. If anything it should be the other way around. The greatest stresses are at the bottom which is why poles are usually thickest at the bottom.

Steve S

oh…those are lights. it looks like a weird supporting column.
if those ARE lights, then they are way too big (although it is an individual’s preferance…unless you strive to be accurately “realistic”)
and the lights also …too crowded. need more space between each.