Journey to the Past ( wc )

didn’t have time for toes, so just pretend.

I was looking forward to the toes:(

In the pose he is in with his front feet off the ground it looks like he would be eating leaves from a tree.

I really like it. Nice modelling and cool character. For some reason I see it as a young dinosaur looking for its mom…maybe it is the desolate terragen render.

Nice, classic, bulky Modron style.

Taking a really close look at the teeth, I notice that they at least appear to be thin and sharp. For a dinosaur with a horn and a big long neck like that, it’s gotta be a herbivore, so the teeth should reflect that; and the corner of the mouth looks too rounded.

Aside from that and the whole feet issue, it’s well modeled and well textured :).

O_o Modron isn’t Blender god!

Eh… good piece anyways.

Finish the toes and I’ll crit. :slight_smile:

indeed, he is too compact, and he doesn’t have proper molars. keep in mind that he was concieved, modelled, composited, unwrapped, and painted in a few hours.
<edit> i may work on him a bit more and do an update,…maybe build a scene as well

I like the terrain more than the dinosaur :stuck_out_tongue: Is that pure blender?

nope, the terrain was made in terragen, which is free for non commercial use.

Why not just put him knee-deep in a puddle of mud? Or water? Or static particles.

That’s the 3D way :wink:

Nice work.


You made gums to the dino, didn’t you? :slight_smile: Seems dinosaurs didn’t have gums… nice model, but model the toes too, please!