Inspired by a recent pet photo I was so much in awe with and by the immeasurable emotion that our pets bring to our lives as humans.

Made with: Blender and GIMP
Rendered with: Cycles

Thanks so much for viewing.

Version without quote available at:

Have fun! :wink:



Beautiful picture. Very well done if I say so myself. Love the fur, although because the fur is so ruffled it looks as if the teddy bear was neglected and not played with very often. In other words stuffed in a box for far too long. Love the depth of field and warm feeling/colors. My two cents.

“And the award for cutest image of the month goes to… Reynante!”
That has got to be the cutest image I’ve seen on here in a while, in my opinion at least. The expression on the bear is the greatest thing, and it makes you focus on just the idea of the picture, rather than the details (as any great image should!), but it should also be noted that the details and technicalities of the image are very well done, and support your idea.
The materials and lighting are very good, and the fur looks great. I love the colors that make up the image as well, and the DOF.

Outstanding work, reynante!

Impressive :wink: The flying pebbles are a nice touch aswell, really gives the impression of movement.

I love the picture and the saying. :slight_smile: