Joy2Key and Blender

I used to create small fighting games in a program called MUGEN. It was pretty much a Double Dragon rip off game engine. Its still available on some servers…but this is not why I am posting…

When I created my games, witch at the time were keyboard only control, I was looking into hooking up a controller so I could play my games with that. I found this JoytoKey program. It came with pretty good documentation and worked well.

However, the best thing this program does is show you how to convert a Playstation, Nintendo or Sega controller up to your pc. It tells you what to buy at radio shack to get it to work.

I bought a playstation controller for 5 bucks, spent another 3 on parts at radio shack and now I have a playstation contoller for my pc (after I build it). Next step is making work with blender. I made one of these about 3 years ago and had it working great. I am sure I can get this one to work too.

Here is some documentation

I will keep you guys posted if this works.

I know blender can use a computer controller, but where can you get a quality one like a PS nintendo or sega for 5 or 6 bucks that works on a pc!

So the info on converting the controllers is in the program? And the converted controller will only work through the Joy2Key program, or will it work as a normal joystick as well?

It’s very intersting, it’s look like more light than pygame library !

Or you could just splice a few wires on your old xbox controller and have a native PC gamepad:

I already did that with one of my old xbox controllers, and it’s the best controller that you can ever get on a pc. The best part, it doesn’t depend on sloppy hacks, there are actual drivers for it, that have the whole thing register as an actual PC controller under windows.

So it can pretty much work on anything, and you have support for all the buttons and thumbsticks by default.

The only thing that’s missing is the linux port.

i picked up one of the psx to usb converts. I think the ps controllers are the best. I use it for emulator programs.

Now that’s just sweet. I’d much prefer a wireless Xbox controller on my PC over my junky old Gravis Gamepad Pro. I’ll have to go find one now…

They announced it a while back, not sure if it’s actually available yet? So much better than the Dual Shock, and SIXAXIS.

[Edit] Just noticed the tiny text saying “available early 2007” - not long hopefully!