Joystick Controller "sensitivity,orientation, and camera vector rotation"

here is a file with dual analog control. I want to know if it works with most users. If u have issues with it please let me know i want to be able to acutally make a game with this control scheme.



finished joystick.blend (581 KB)

yea not everyone at once. would be nice for someone to post a reply. Its just development, i can wait. LOL
thanks everyone…

It works with an old ps2 controller. Thanks! :slight_smile:

@ stick . i appreciate the response. I am still working on the joystick right now. i noticed when i parented the camera to the object it messed it up. the math was wrong. I do have a working file. but since no one was responding i kinda found it unnecessary to upload it.
if anyone is interested let me know.

One widget moves around flawlessly with Left analog stick and the other with the Right analog stick moves only forward and backwards. Trying to see how this is setup but very cool, certainly should reconsider providing your resource as it is valuable, even as a learning asset. Would be cool to possibly integrate this into my project but I believe I’d only need use of one analog stick. I’ve never got the analog joysticks to work myself, nice job.

Tested in Blender 2.69 32bit
Xbox 360 Controller

@Malicious Fiber try replacing line 72 with this
axis = joy_axis[3], joy_axis[4]

@Malicious Fiber try replacing line 72 with this
axis = joy_axis[3], joy_axis[4]

Interesting. I have been in the process of making a script that’d allow controlling a character. I am basing the work off of PS3 controler.

I’ll give this .blend file a go and I’ll get back to you.

Cheers and thanks for the upload.

I’ll give this .blend file a go. I have been scripting to control my character (and camera) using a PS3 controller (it’s the only ‘joystick’ I have). So I’ll come back to you when I can.

Cheers and thanks for the upload

Cool Mario Galaxy style control scheme. was up all night trying to get this. Monster gave me some of his magical knowledge powers.

hey here is just a basic static camera system (static to Z zxis at least) hope u guys like it


good_cam3.01.blend (545 KB)