Joystick controls for gameplay

Hi there,
I’m a newbie to blender but I’m using it as part of my phd project. I’ve modelled a landscape in perspective with a road complete with fading central lines et and I now want to use a joystick to navigate down that road. I’ve read the tutorials that introduce you to the basics of the game engine but wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction for the more advanced bits please as I understand how to use the keyboard as a navigational tool but need something that is more controllable and that can be better defined.
Any help would be much appreciated!

I don’t know much too much about the BGE because I’m a bit of a noob myself, but I think you might want to repost this thread in the “Game Engine Resources” section you might get more help.

just a few days ago, i bought a game pad (joysticks are so rare now?) for $32 that will always be in my blender tool box. Just like yourself, I too needed to access (too) may controls and the keyboard was just not ideal for that.
I used up the four arrow buttons realy quick but still needed more control so a game pad, which gives me two “mini” joysticks and 10 additional buttons, was the answer.
Depending on the model you get, the settings “might” vary. On my Logitech one, the right knob has the axis switched (which is easy to correct) and i have to subtract one number from the actual buttons. What is button 3 in the BGE is button 2 on the gamepad …
I’d suggest that you make a test scene with a cube and floor and then play with the settings, write them down and map out what settings move in which axis.
I still haven’t used the “hut” feature but found a good tut that had a drawing on what values to assign.
Please let me know if you need specific help and if i can, i’ll gladly help you more :slight_smile:

thanks for that - its much appreciated and I’ll certainly try that. The only other thing that I need a bit of help on is ascertaining the speed used by the participants - rather like a speedometer but without the artwork - I just need to access it in order to determine how fast they were controlling the movement