joystick for 3d navigation like a 3d space pilot

i was just wondering if any one has ever tried or found a way to use one of the FPS left hand controlers for 3d work in blender? some thing like the Razer Nostromo’s 16-button keypad

seams like a good idea with the thumb joystick and all the map-able hot keys. a lot cheaper then any thing form 3dconnexion.

just wonder before i jup in and give it a try.

i guess what i want to know is can joystick movement be mapped to the navigation controls in blender? simply?

I don’t see why you couldn’t. A trackball/controller is another idea. Here is some information for you to review:

so how would one go about mapping a joysticks movement to blenders 3d navigation vieport?

I am not sure that you would have to map anything. The controller’s trackball is meant to replace the mouse, touchpad or whatever. The function buttons themselves are programmable. If you have a USB mouse just unplug it and plug the controller in, set up your function keys and off ya go. The drivers do all of the work. In fact, I have a touch pad and a mouse and I can use either whenever I wish as they are both active at the same time,.It should work with any program that you use Maybe I am just not understand what you are asking

so i bought one out of plain curiosity and i think i like it. i have to play with it for a wile to know… i spent some time programming the hot keys. i like how fast i can get around. not that blender was ever slow mind you. i programmed separate key maps for two modes. (more to come)
the one thing i need to figure out is the thumb stick. i can not get it to do exactly what i want, rotate the view port. but that is a mapping issue with the driver not wanting to except the number pat as a key map.

i can now hold the razar in my left hand and the mouse in my right and work with out having to move my hand around a lot call i crazy or call it efficient…

link to the video game controller i bought: