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Deadzone = threshold, to terminate unwanted movement. Joystick movement value will increase exponentially after deadzone (but not for thruster). Supporting: Axis, Thruster, Hat, 12 buttons.

mzJoyShared.blend (293 KB)

Thank you mziskandar,your file been helpful to me.


I am glad that the script are helpful . Any further question you can ask it here. I dont have skype or others. Currently I am on mobile/outstation. Regarding your question, I may help/answer the best way I can. There are more experts here too that are friendly, helpful and willing to share.


I’ve this kind of problem, the joy axis 2 is detected only if axis 0 or 1 are engaged.

Reply to me,idiot, Solved with the right number of axis to detect…

But this is a new question: why the 12 button limit?