Joystick Sensor in BGE 2.66 problems

I have some Blend files that worked perfectly with an XBox360 controller up until Blender 2.66. When I open the exact same file with the exact same controller in BGE 2.66, the joystick is unresponsive most of the time and then randomly respond (especially to sudden violent movements of the controller).

I have checked that the controller works as expected in stand-alone games version of my file which I exported prior to 2.66, so I know the controller is not broken. I used to have my axis threshold set to 7,500 and I have tried settings from 0 to 32,000 with no change.

I know there is a new Python Joystick method, but I am using logic bricks, but clearly there are some changes to the way the logic bricks work which are not documented. Can anybody tell me what is different please?

Many thanks

I am currently having the same problem… when I use the analog stick it goes Up/Down/Left/Right and plays character animations ok but when the first time I move the stick to the diagnols… up&left/up&right/down&left/down&right it sends the animations into a gliching buggy loop that wont even go back to the idle animation when there is no joystick input… but yet worked better then great with the same method prior to 2.66 upgrade… :frowning: sad day… help would be great let me know if u find a fix BlenderJon.

Hey just wanted to say that in the logic brick portion … the priority I used to have was setup as … up/down/left/right & up&left/up&right/down&right/down&left… at priorities 45/45/45/45 & 44/44/44/44… and something about the way it inputs has changed I find that when I used the priorities 45/45/44/44 & 43/42/43/42 that my animations began to play the way they were suppose too using logic bricks … although I still find that the joystick causes a glitch in the game when it recieves quick random directional input and by glitch I mean character animation locks up… :frowning: let me know if you figure anything out with this…later