Joystick support in MinGW build.

I’m building the 2.66a tag on WinXP-32 SP3 with MinGW and the ‘scons’ build system. The build configuration is set to use SDL. My builds run, but my joystick is never detected. Stock 2.66a does detect my joystick and my builds on OSX also work with the joysticks correctly.

Is there some setting that needs to be added to get joystick support or am I just going to have to try to debug this?

Odd, for some reason I cannot mark this thread as ‘solved’. Anyway, I finally debugged the problem and tracked it down to the MinGW version of SDL that was being linked in/used by the MinGW build. When I copied in the SDL.dll from the official, working 2.66a build, my build started working as well.