Joystick to Mouselook

Hey guys, I was wondering if there was a way to have the right joystick input work with mouselook. For simple First person shooter aiming. Got all other inputs working with their respective keyboard and mouse click equivalents, I just dont know how to get the right stick to use the mouse look actuator. Or maybe someone has a spare script?

Thanks in advance!

It’s certainly simple to do but it’s pretty hacky - you need move the mouse with the joystick since i believe only the mouse will interface with the Mouse actuator when set to Look. You can do this with just an always sensor, python controller with a small script(5 lines), and a mouse look actuator. The problem with this is that any actual mouse movement(the one connected to your computer) will also activate the mouse look actuator.

Even though I don’t recommend using this method or possibly any another method someone may suggest that involves connecting the joystick to a mouse look actuator, I’ll leave the code here so you can decide for yourself.

from bge import logic

cont = logic.getCurrentController()
joy1 = logic.joysticks[0]

logic.mouse.position = logic.mouse.position[0] + joy1.axisValues[3] * 0.05, logic.mouse.position[1] + joy1.axisValues[4] * 0.05

The reason I recommend using a different approach is because you can easily achieve the same result as a mouse look actuator with a little more python code(to rotate the object and to simulate the sensitivity and threshold functionality). Or you could connect 4 joystick sensors to 4 motion actuators and do without some of the extra stuff.

If python is the stumbling block for you, I recommend you start learning it. It really isn’t a difficult language. Your game designs will get exponentially better.

Thank you so much for that information and code snippet. I genuinely appreciate it. I tested it and see what you mean. And about python, yeah I definitely need to get started. I’m a graphics and sound guy before programming.

Here is a simplified blend that uses the right stick to rotate the player and pan the camera up and down in a fashion similar to how one would use the mouselook actuator. The only controller I had available was for a PS3 so some alteration may be necessary. I tried to keep the code short and basic.
joystick_look.blend (525.4 KB)

There’s dedicated Joystick stuff in python and its simple.

import bge

size = len(bge.logic.joysticks);
joy  = None;

for index in range(size):
    joy = bge.logic.joysticks[index];

    if joy != None: break;

if joy != None:
    av = joy.axisValues
    btns = joy.activeButtons
    x = av[0]
    y = av[1]

        if av[0] > 0.5 or av[0] < -0.5:
            setx = x
        if av[1] > 0.5 or av[1] < -0.5:
            sety = y

This is just off the top of my head. I’m working on a project that uses full Xbox controller support so feel free to ask fore more. While sodsm_live’s code is clean and elegant it assumes that the curent controller is joy[0] and this isn’t always the case (as i learnt the hard way)

Should you want to add buttons you can use:

if 0 in btns and len(btns) == 1:

With len(btns) == 1 being set to your buttons. (I don’t know all of them just yet)

Note: av[0] and av[1] is left stick x and y, av[3] and av[4] is the right stick.

Hope this helps.

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