Joystick won't sop!

Finally got 2.54 running on my XP system and
while a bit much to get used to the new UI, it works.

Ran into a problem with the GE: The joystick axis controls
won’t stop until reversed. ie: I push forward and it STAYS
actuated forward until I forcibly deadzone the control.
Same for all axes.
No problem using the keyboard though.
And the buttons function perfectly.

using Logitech USB Rumblepad 2 (2-axis/12 button)

Edit: The exact same thing happens with YoFrankie!
so I know it’s not just simple ignorance on my part.
Something’s not being accounted for but I know not what.

Yep, sounds like an issue for the bug tracker.

well, so far setting the threshold to 30000 works
perhaps my controller’s just uber-sensitive?

didn’t think to try it with my MS Sidewinder pro