jpeg, .bmp issues

hey, blenderers, what’s going on? been going through this forum a lot in the last couple of days and get believe the amount of info in this thing. amazing!!! did have one question though. i running blender 2.4.1 and i’m having problems loading jpegs and .bmps that i have loaded on my harddrive in as a texture. it will recognize some, but only a small portion. does it have anything to do with the resolution? been having similiar problems in some of my 2d apps too. somthing weird going on here. any help would be most appreciated.

make sure they are even numbers in size ie 256x512 or some such.

this is not a question you should ask in News & Discussion, but in Support -> Basics & Interface, so I moved the thread to that place, but think of that next time you post, where it should be located, and try to find the proper Support section for similar questions, not just where you feel for it.

and of course, welcome to BA forum and enjoy your stay! :slight_smile: