JPEG needs licensing!

(vicmmi) #1

There are press releases saying that you need to have license to use this compression technology. Only now they tell us!

Since Blender is using this compression in the rendering I think this will effect Blender. Unfortunately not much info is said about their licensing term but it seems anybody using it will have to pay licensing including use in website.

You can read it here.

Why oh why only now!!! :frowning:


(Dittohead) #2

That’s ok just save as tga and if it’s a movie download a program that can convert a large number still frames to an avi, then encode as Mpeg. It’s only a few more steps.

(S68) #3


We just need to wait Blender to go Opensource and then add in PNG technology…


(Homer) #4

Exactly what I was thinking. :smiley:

(mrmunkily) #5

this patent will not hold p to scrutiny.

It is only for motion jpeg, first of all, so the still format should be laright.

second. there is much prior art andthe jpeg consortium is going to nuke the patent.

die IP patent, die!!!

in other news, prozac’s patent is up :slight_smile:

(ilac) #6

You don’t have to wait that long. Publisher 2.25 has PNG support for input and output, so you should have PNG as soon as the members area is opened which happen will before it gets to be opensourced :slight_smile:

(Dittohead) #7

We need 250 members to get Publisher.

Last count we had only 95 :frowning:

But in only 5 days!!!

Which means we may have 250 members by August 1st!!! :smiley:

(Pooba) #8

So now some company can just come up and say “i own JPEG, you have to pay us to use it”? What crap is that? now are having jpeg images on your computer going to be considered as piracy, like having an illegal copy of a game on there? This is just plain stupid. Some stuff is meant to be public.

I must… become… member…
I have to donate to do that, right?


(IngieBee) #9


We need 250 members to get Publisher.

Last count we had only 95 :frowning:

But in only 5 days!!!

Which means we may have 250 members by August 1st!!! :D[/quote]

We should be there today, the only hold up is actual bank processing on those that were pending. We’ll be there way before Bart can get a download going!!

Love Ingie

(vicmmi) #10

Thanks for the info about PNG. I’ve completely forgoten about this file format. After converting a few TGA to this format and got smaller file size with alpha channel, it really is impressive.



(Dittohead) #11

Almost EVERY website out there has jpeg somewhere on it.

Almost EVERY graphics program has jpeg on it.

Had these idiots come out just after jpeg was released they might have had some claim, but ten years? That’s just insane!!!

How stupid can these people get!!!

(shadowman99) #12

The patent expires in 2004, so the worst case senario is many programs drop support for JPEG for 1 year. Alternative, many software houses move up to JPEG 2000 format. This is only a short term PIA. Actually, for all of the bad press this has generated ragarding the state of patent law in the US, it’s a blessing in disguise.

(MPPIC) #13

So what? A patent on an algorithm - how stupid is that? Basically, an algorithm describes a mathematical procedrue whis has existet ever since the universe has been formed - how could anyone claim a patent on this??

Anyway - use it! The right of prior art will be well defended up to the next decade - when jpeg hopefully will be replaced by jpeg2000! They may toss millions into this, but they will wind up with a patent of an ancient technology - imagine how stock markes will react to this… <g>