JPG file convert to dae file

I have a handpainted image, saved as a .JPG file. I would like to convert this to a .DAE file, so that I can import it in Blender. Is that possible?
Kind regards Lene

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There may a bit of confusion going on here. Blender can load still images like JPG without any issue. However, it seems like you’d like to have a still image automatically converted into a 3D model. This is not something that is easily done in any software.

How do I import a JPG picture in Blender? Can I do that. And afterwards make it 3D?
Kind Regards Lene

How do I import a JPG picture in Blender?

Enable the import ‘Images as Planes’ addon

And afterwards make it 3D?
Not with a press of a button. You’ll have to model it

Where do I find import Images as Planes? Not under File Import.

File / User Preferences / Addons, enable the addon under the Import/Export section

I have imported Image as Planes on my old computer.
Now I have a new computer with Windows 8, and my Planes are gone. I try to import Images as planes, but get a empty plane.
Can someone please help.

Kind regards Lene

In my own view, it is possible to convert jpeg image to dae file as long as the image converter is compatible with such application. You need to load the image into your computer first, then implement the image converting tool.