JPG, PNG or TGA for texturing?

Let’s say transparency isn’t needed for a given texture, could I still use the PNG or TGA formats instead of JPG? I know the image size will increase, but does it not have more quality?

And in the future, if I were to need transparency, it would already have the required original and editable format, in PSD (Photoshop) or XCF (Gimp) prepared to use transparency. What do you think of this?

jpg textures are good for saving disk space if you need, but imo the compression algorithm makes them look bad when viewed at an angle or even a little stretched, so only useful for something that will be viewed face-on. And as you say, you get no transparency. The png format is lossless and pretty good compression anyway.

Thank you for your reply. I’m concerned about organizing my projects. It is important for me to know where everything is. And it gets confusing really fast when one is doing a large project. My intention is to get a standard of work, and images are a great part of this.