jpg rendering converted to EPS path outlines


anybody has an idea about how to convert a jpg rendering of a house into a vector path in illustrator and save it as eps?

The trace function is rather crazy. All I need are just plain lines. It will be fed to a CNC
machine so I do not need any fillings or anything else.

My attempts with AI and live trace were rather a bad experience.


try processing the jpg using some of the filters (kirsh etc) in the compositor to enhance/help the edge detection of trace.

You may want to do some photoshop work on the image before you give it to Illustrator live trace. Simply posterize the color of the image to create a nice simple image for illustrator to outline.

Using Photoshop to create selections and convert them to outlines can often produce better results than the trace tools, since you can adjust/modify the selection with a number of options. I usually get many fewer useless anchor points that way. Outlines can be copied & pasted into AI for final cleanup (better vector tools).