Jreo - "Realistic" Car Physics

Open car.py and go to line 318 then comment that line or completely remove it, then go over to the car’s logic bricks and assign the controls.

Updated the physics again with better control configurations.
RCP065.blend (1.4 MB)
More info in the documentary within the blend file.


This really looks fun!

I’m very glad you are here on this community, as you are one of my resourceful persons when I started my car game on BGE, few years ago.

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Thank you for your commitment and effort in car physics for BGE/UPBGE,


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Is there any way to disable aumatic transmission?

Go to line 32 in RCP_Main.py and set the third item to 0 or 1.

Any downloadable update on that project?


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nice mate!
good work as always, you shoukd did a real game with i’m sure could be popular.

RCP067.blend (1.3 MB)
The car should be less likely to roll over now.

Wow. A very nice trove of learning. Thank you.
Gonna use this in class next year. May I? I would like to collect from start to present. Early on is about learning.

Uhh… Sure!

Now accelerating on heavy cars feels as rigid as a light car. I even added smoke and skidmarks.

Pre-release usage of these updates are used for my new game “Highway Warriors”

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The car should respond to steering at high speeds better now.
RCP090.blend (1.6 MB)

Please, could you make traffic simulation?

Sorry, I also feature you in my credits for racing game I have being making since 2015, close to finish.

RCP095.blend (1.6 MB)
It’s nearing v1.0.0 now. Let me know if there are any sort of bugs or if anything feels off.

I love the skidding and the constant vibes from the sound of the turbo.

Great improvements, Man!