JSP Server

(bmax) #1

Ok, although the title may sound strange (and i dont mean because its not about blender, but because ‘javaserver pages server’ just sounds strange…), does anybody know of a server app that can be run on windows and it actually works (i couldnt get tomcat to work).

Any takers?

thx for any responses.

(valarking) #2

what about php?

(Timothy) #3

you left out the most used server side language!!! PHP

I took the liberty of adding php :slight_smile:

(mrmunkily) #4

if i hadn’t not known (- x - ) of php, cgi-perl, and other goodies when i started, i would have picked on of them. alas, now I have ASP and its shitty VBscript embeeded in my brain forever!!! it burns!!! arrrghhhh!!

(bmax) #5

thanx for adding php… i KNEW i was missing something! ok, but what about answering my question? :slight_smile:

(IMProvisar) #6

How about an option, “I don’t know, but I’d like to see the results to know where to start.”


(bmax) #7

oh yea, and i hate vbscript too because it teaches you horrible habits, and when you want to migrate to a different language, you type in that absurd vbscript syntax!!

btW: i couldnt get blazix to work either…

(Timothy) #8

btw,… wouldn’t PY be considered CGI aswell??
unless using something like ModSnake?

(bmax) #9

kib_tph: not necessarily. although i havent seen pages with a .py extension, but i’ve read a tutorial on how to program you pages in python, and without a cgi extension. i dont know if you’re talking about the extension or about the web standard (common gateway interface). if its the web standard, then asp is considered cgi too…

btw: dont feel offended, but who voted for cgi? i cant imagine anybody would want to program in perl and deal with all the security holes (i’d have trouble finding the solid parts :-? )… can you even connect to a database?

(Pablosbrain) #10

Both Tomcat and PHP run fine as server side scripting with windows… I currently have Apache, PHP and MySQL installed on my W2k laptop at work for development purposes… no issues. PHP runs great… though I’d recommend using linux as it will be easier to find modules and updates for Apache and PHP on Linux vx Windows.

(CubeFan973) #11

You forgot “Huh? What the **** are you talking about?” I wish I could take the liberty of adding it, but I’m not a moderator/administrator!

(bmax) #12

I got blazix to work. maybe i did something wrong with the installation… could be, i always do that kind of stuff wrong :-?