judged while dreaming

This was done for CG Society’s Dreamscape competition, now that it’s over I can post here.
Everything done in Blender 2.56 except some textures that were done with Alchemy and Gimp. These competitions are a great learning experience I must say. Full res vertion can bee see here-http://challenge.cgsociety.org/dreamscape/entry/dreif/final_image/5310

Wow really really nice. love the surreal feel

This is how a great deal of art should be. Even though it may not suit everyone’s tastes, it makes one stop and look at every bit of it and contemplate it. Good job.

That’s cool, have you thought about eerily animating it?
Maybe it might be too raytrace/render and scene intensive to easily animate quickly,
but even a short 5 to 15 second one might be fun just as an exercise in making something neat.
You can make the animation longer by cutting to different easier to manage angles, maybe :D.

Hey thanks for the very nice comments everyone :slight_smile:
@3dcgfx, you know I’ve been blendering for some years now and the animating side of it is a whole other art form in itself, I really admire and have great respect for those that can as I can just barely rig - and that’s a stretch!:stuck_out_tongue: