Judith Slaying Holofernes

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Here is an image I have been working on for a while. Too bad www.blender.nl isn’t here anymore to share it with you.

Now for some “artist notes”. I recently saw a series of paintings by Artemesia at the New York Met. Artemesia was a contemporary of Galileo and the very first woman to be admitted to the Florence Academy of Art. During her career, she painted several versions of scenes from the
Apocryphal book of Judith.

The book of Judith tells the story of the widow Judith, who when her town is surrounded by Assyrians, visits the Assyrian general
Holofernes. He treats her with great courtesy, although when alone with his fellow Assyrians confesses that he would like to seduce her. One night, when he is sleeping, Judith enters his tent and using his own sword, cuts off his head.

For many Protestants, Judith is problematic: what exactly is it
teaching? In her paintings, Artemesia changed the story: The maid helps hold Holofernes down while Judith hacks off his head (in the text Judith enters Holofernes tent alone). One of her later versions is particularly gruesome - its owner hid it in a dark corridor because she found it so disturbing.

For my version, I changed the story as well, placing it in the context of a dual rape. Hopefully by doing so, I’ve made Judith’s action more understandable. Also, I did a bit of research: Judith is holding an Assyrian sword and an Assyrian helmet and shield are in the background. There is also a tablet decorated with Assyrian letters - my name is also there as well.

The figures are from Poser, the objects, clothing, and rendering done by Blender (mostly subsurface modeling). Holofernes’ beard and Judith’s pubic hair are dupliverts of hair-like objects, and the oil lamp flames use halo materials.



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