Max…te lo dico in Italiano…SPACCA di brutto!!!

Just superb! ★★★★★

Very nice piece of work. I especially love the shallow DOF.

Absolutely stunning!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Very cool piece, congrats.

your Juggernaut image is beautiful and your timelines so really good! Ill be watching it over and over again. You what I think is very complex look simple. Thanks for sharing!

thankyou again guys :slight_smile:

thank goodness for Blendernation posting this! This is TOO GOOD to be missed… and thanks for posting the timelapse it’s very educational.

Great work! 5 stars from me as well.

soooooog good :eek:

Awesome!!! is about time for blender go comic and beyond.

5 stars. Nothing else to say. Its speaks for itself.

What type of digitizer are you using? Your input movement is very precise. Are you using a touching screen monitor perhaps?

bloody hell, 5 stars and to the gallery

sorry for late reply!
so, I use a windows based system with intuos4 for everything (not just sculpt)
I tried cycles in cpu mode but some white spot or pixel appearing everywhere in the render, especially if the material node is a mix of glossy materials.

thats all!

see you soon :slight_smile:

I finally finished to watch the whole timelapse, so much tricks to learn from it, thank you very much for sharing it.
Definitively gallery material, as it’s a fantastic example of what Blender is able to deliver in the end of a talented artist.

I couldn’t really see in the video as the interface in it was a bit too blurry for my old eyes., what was the facecount of the completed model ?

Amazing! Alla galleria!(I think)

(Moved to Gallery) Awesome work!

It’s amazing to watch someone totally dominate their topology, impressive work.

So good! (thunderous applause)

thankyou for the gallery :slight_smile: