Juggler Tribute in OSL

Hello !

While working on my other OSL projects, I made a tribute to the famous 1986 3D Amiga Computer Animation :

Eric Graham’s JUGGLER !

Who remeber seeing it on an Amiga 1000, and wondering how it was possible??? If you are less than 30, you shouldn’t know the Juggler…

It’s a ready to use OSL Shader, in a single node, which include a 1980’s style Ray tracer and the full Juggler scene.

30 years after, the rendering time dropped from 1h30 to less than one second. So, it’s now possible to play with it in Real Time from Blender.

I had a lot of OSL fun to make this shader!

You can see it here : http://vadrouillegraphique.blogspot.fr/2015/06/the-juggler-is-back-in-osl.html

or see the video :

Have fun !!!:smiley:

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No way. C’est génial. :smiley:
How does it work in regard to bounces and ray types etc ?

way cool, well done!

Thank you !

Hadricus : I made a true (small) Ray Tracer, shooting rays for reflections or shadows.
Each sphere has a material assigned. I used 3 material, like the 1986 original Juggler :

  • Dull, with lighting,
  • Shiny, with a one step Specular added (not a modern specular, I prefered the original binary one !)
  • Mirror, which, basically, just reshoot a new ray in the scene.

The Ray tracer is completly optimized for Juggler : just one light source, just spheres, linear sky… That’s why it’s so fast !

The shader is working incredibly well with Cycles, with matching point of view, Depth of Field, reflects, etc.

Very cool!!! Got to admit, it was the title of this thread that 1st caught my attention. I know the juggler and I still have an Amiga 1000! Actually the Amiga 1000 was my first exposure to 3d in a program called VideoScape 3D.

Anyhow, I really liked your video and how you integrated the juggler inside a cube into real world footage. That was brilliant!!


That is just awesome. I giggled out loud :smiley: And oh yeah, I’m old enough to remember.
Still have my 4000/EC030 at my parents house, not sure if it will start anymore.
No, will never sell it - too many fond memories :slight_smile:

This is great. Are you still thinking of releasing the code? I think it’d be a great resource for helping people to learn OSL.

Sorry, I just have no time now.
I’ll release it … soon :wink: !