juggling game bounding box?

hi, i’m making a game involving a character juggling. I think the best way to do this is probably with physics instead of animation, so the character does an animation and the ball gets thrown up instead of starting an animation. I’ve set up my character with a bounding box but i need the character to be solid to catch the ball, when i delete the box things still move through the character even though its not set to ghost.

how should i do this? i’m still not sure that physics is the way to go but i still want to be able to press space and throw balls and for them to bounce off each other and other and fall. any help would be great :slight_smile:

That’s a neat idea. Could you give the balls their own box to be in? That way they would bounce around and off each other, but stay in the confines of the box. Then position the box so that they appear to be caught by the juggler…

thanks, are you saying that i would position the bounding box so that when the ball comes down it hits the bounding box instead of the jugglers hand and they wouldn’t role because of they have a bounding box too? if thats it then its a very good idea, i think it would be easier if the juggler had two box’s (or maybe some kind of half sphere) that would follow the hands animation and catch the ball.
i think that will work, i’ll try it in a bit :slight_smile: