Julia - Blending Life 2 entry







Hope you likes it, and wish me luck!!!

good luck to all contenders, but no to that bloody Pirate… it’s a joke, is amazing this pirate model…

I like the work on the topology. The skin texturing looks good too. The eyebrows just don’t look right, but I’m not sure why. I like the way the fluffy bit on the hood looks. Good Job.

  • Floyd

Of all the entries I looked though this year I have to say I think yours has progressed the most from looking at your first renders in the wip thread. Congratulations :slight_smile:

agreed, the hairs look combed, and less natural
also in the second image it’s really noticable, the skin above the eyebrows is clearly smother than surrounding areas
in the first image with the eyes looking at the viewer, it might just be me, but she looks cross eyed

all very minor things, on an otherwise very nice anatomical study

Fantastic model , great job !

In the “face on” view, the eyes are un-naturally positioned.

The right eye appears to be looking slightly to the left, while the left eye is looking more than slightly to the right (a cross eyed effect.) Both eyes are also unnaturally “high” under the lids, especially since the head is perfectly level.

The eyebrows seem to be a bit “skimpy”, but maybe that’s a style that I haven’t seen lately :wink: