Julienne tool or subdivide on a Axis

Hi, Is there an equivalent tool to Lightwaves Julienne Tool? Where you can slice an object but specified on an axis? Say you want it subdivided 20 times on X axis only?
Or say create a cube but it has 20 divisions on X axis? I looked at Qblocker but it doesn’t seem to have that option.

Edit mode . Ctrl R and roll mouse wheel

Thank you :slight_smile:

It works on simple meshes as it is adding edge loops, complex objects may need and arrayed plane and boolean subtract, which is basically what LightWave does, or it probably used the knife tool under the hood, either way, this method can be dynamic as well. I do miss julienne though.

Yeah I went back and was tinkering with Julienne and realized what I missed about it.
It would just slice through everything, Quads, ngons, tris. If you didn’t select a poly it would just cut through the entire object. If you did select a poly it would just cut through that Polygon without making edge loops. Of course it was destructive and messy but sometimes useful.