Julperado´s sketchbook

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Hey guys!

I’m starting my sketchbook to post all the unfinished work I have in my hard drive (yeah is a pretty bad habit).
Tell me if you like it, and if you don’t just let me know how to improve it! :slight_smile:

June 3 2015 update: Playing around with the Digital Emily model from wikihuman.org

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These are hair and fur tests:

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And one I finished today:

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A work in progress. I started this in 2009 when I decided to learn 3D, I was using Maya and Zbrush at the moment and decided to finish it to update my portfolio for 2014; there’s still many things to tweak (especially the hair… right now looks like a wig).

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One more WIP to the thread, this is the original illustration:

And this is what I’ve done so far:

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Here’s an update on the monster model.

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Just another doodle; some kind of Popeye look alike :stuck_out_tongue:

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The jawline should end the where the earlobe starts. Other than that thats a mighty fine new sculpt. He really has character, great development throughout the thread. I hope there is alot more to come … keep it up julperado.

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Realy like the Popaye character in post #9. My favorite from you so far.

Strong balanced concept, the execution is quite good as well. The hair adds so much, well done.
Agree with sumoLondo about the jaw-ear relation. Don’t let it rest, address it! It’s gonna make it look better, plus you get that mistake out of way, you won’t make it again after that.

I always had a feeling the way you do noses is a bit on the odd side, but this one has a very good stylized nose. I feel you could add some more anatomy to it and still keep it in the same style, most notably the nostril area. None the less, this is a good nose.

Last bit of crit :slight_smile: … the ear does not work in my opinion. It’s not just about that relation with the end of the jaw-line, but overall shape, size and style/anatomy. I would suggest having another go at it. I would personally get it off the sculpt and start with a cylinder, this would make working on it in dyntopo a lot easier as you don’t need to fight surrounding geo (drop a line if you get stuck on how to iron that ear to a flat surface). It’s also easier to tap into edit mode and adjust the angle of the ear. When you get something you like, boolean and iron-out the transitions.

Overall, a great sculpt!
Keep at it.

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I really love this sketchbook! Keep them coming!

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@SumoLondo and @0rAngE Thank’s for your comments guys! I’ve decided to keep working on this guy, so retopoed the head and did a new ear for him, here’s what he looks like right now:

Next thing is going to be some cool textures, add the hair again, and maybe a hat and a cigar :slight_smile:

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Some more stuff I’ve done lately:
Progress on the scene with the girl and the monster.

Aaaand another fun sketch of a weird creature :slight_smile:

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Here’s another doodle that went a little far :slight_smile:



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After almost a year of no updates here and a massive and painful lost of information (my pc and backup disks were stolen) I decided to start posting again to force myself to keep busy and doing some personal projects.

Here’s the latest images:

My attempt at a werecat for the 2.74 splash contest.

My try at the model from the Ten24’s scan store… (it needs a lot more work still)

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And one more “thing”…

(julperado) #18

Sculpt practice, the idea was to make a baby, but somehow it ended up being a lot older :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is still a work in progress, using a huge particle system and the cubesurfer addon:

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Hi julperado

Really like the I think ? Mexican guy in #2 and the nerdish guy in #5.

I have tried sculpting in blender, but up to this point it is beating me. :smiley:

Nice stuff here, keep it up.


EDIT: Oh and the Joker has so much potential, you need to work and complete him.