Julperado´s sketchbook

(julperado) #21

Thank’s @speed777777, unfortunately most of those wips were lost in a backup disk that was stolen from me :confused:

I’ve been wanting to make a proper joker fanart for a while, maybe I could give it a try again sometime. :slight_smile:

(julperado) #22

Digital Emily 2.

I downloaded the files from this site (The Wikihuman Project) and tried to recreate the shader in Cycles. Is not finished but I like how it looks so far. What do you think?

Had to resize all the maps to 4K because Blender couldn’t handle 8K textures… :confused:
Is that a known limitation?

And a little bit of photoshop editing:

(julperado) #23

Lighting tests:


(julperado) #24

Duplicated post


(julperado) #25

Finally some free time to keep working on this Digital Emily model, added eyebrows and skin “fuzz”(I don’t really know how it is called).

(Milk-..-Man) #26

Nice skinshader!!

(julperado) #27

Thank’s @Milk-…-Man :slight_smile:

Here’s a test with hair, I like the settings, just have to find a cool hairstyle for her :wink:

  • Before adding hair, each render at 1920*1080 was taking between 4 and 5 minutes on CPU. This last render with hair took 52 mins also on CPU. (Damn that’s a LOT of extra time just for a haircut).

EDIT: For some reason, the hair decided to pass through her skull and come out from her forehead, that could be a bug though, because in the viewport everything seems ok… :no:

(julperado) #28

Decided to keep the hair, so added a little bit of makeup over the difuse map, piercings and earrings and changed the hair color a bit.
She’s now a punk-gothic girl :smiley:

Creating expressions for realistic characters is too damn difficult!! Here’s the result of an hour trying to get a good smile… :spin:

(jgpc) #29

She really looks like Katherine Heigl… righ?

(mycatnameistux) #30

#19 looks awesome!!! how did you do with liquid goes around the face?

(kwikker) #31

That water sim is epic. Cube surfer takes long to prep.

(julperado) #32

Two more late night sketches; render in cycles, final comp in photoshop.

These are still wips, I’ll try to finish them over the weekend

(julperado) #33

…more sketches

(Ranquin) #34

Great job on “Emily”.Her skin looks a bit dry imo.
Nice sketches too :slight_smile:

(julperado) #35

Thank’s @Ranquin, I’m still working on improving the Emily shader, and some facial expressions too. :slight_smile:

Here’s another sketch, yes, yet another alien thingy :stuck_out_tongue:

(julperado) #36

Another dyntopo sketch rendered and composited in photoshop.

(julperado) #37

(0rAngE) #38

Alien Bug final is looking pretty good!
I really like the Soldier though!
I hope you don’t mind me doing a paintover on it :slight_smile:
This is somewhat of how I see it.


(julperado) #39

I don’t mind at all @0rAngE :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, I’ll take a look at it to properly finish it :smiley:

(julperado) #40

Here’s another sketch that went a little bit far :slight_smile: