Julperado´s sketchbook

(julperado) #41

One more quick sculpt rendered in Cycles and composited in Photoshop. This one took about 2 hours to make.

(michalis) #42

Impressive posts!!!
Love them.

(julperado) #43

Thank’s @Michalis! :slight_smile:

(finty) #44

#41 reminds me of this pumpkin carving by Ray Villafane; http://www.dailyartfixx.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Ray-Villafane-2011-10.jpg

(iamdemsugar) #45

Mannn keep it up looks good.

(50lpp) #46

Good job mate, that last one looks terrific.

(Speed7) #47

hi julperado

the last one is fantastic, you should really push it hard and get it into FP, i think it has the makings of top row


(glossy) #48

I think it’s an interesting look when you add realistic characteristics to unrealistic characters. You have made the hair/fur and skin very realistic-looking in a lot of these images. Adding these realistic characteristics makes the viewer feel like they can actually touch the characters.

(julperado) #49

Thank’s! I haven’t checked the thread in a while and it was a pleasant surprise to see all this comments :slight_smile:

@glossy, yes, I really like that. Since I saw the Tintin movie I’ve been trying to replicate that look. Also, if you look movies like Monsters University, UP, or ToyStory 3 you’ll see that all the material characteristics and lighting are very realistic and believable while the characters and the worlds are still cartoon.

(Luukezor) #50

Really cool skulptings ! I especially like that fine detail of the skin surface. Are those bumpmaps or actually sculpted ?

(MoKsTaY) #51

the last one is soo cool:cool:

(julperado) #52

@Luukezor and @MoKsTaY, I’m sorry I just read your posts… :confused:

Luukezor, the detail of the skin is mostly bump maps, I use several skin patterns combined to give some randomness to the surface.

I should be more consistent with this sketchbook thingy. Anyway, here are some works in progress and sketches, most of them will never see the light of day as finished projects, so I’ll better share them now :slight_smile:

(julperado) #53

(joseperez) #54

Juperaldo la duquesa está genial!
también me llama mucho la atención el monstruo con la lengua afuera, el pescado y el hombre con el tabaco!

saludos y buena suerte! :slight_smile:

(julperado) #55

@joseperez, muchas gracias parce. La idea es mejorar con cada cosa que se hace.

Here’s my first fully recorded timelapse, at least the first one I think is worth sharing hehe.

(Jason van Gumster) #56

Re-opened at OP request

(julperado) #57

Thank you Fweeb! :slight_smile:

(julperado) #58

I posted this as a separate thread but might as well keep it in my sketchbook. Playing with EEVEE and After Effects:

(julperado) #59

Quick goblin sculpt in Blender 2.8, I liked the main forms on this guy so did a few paintovers in photoshop to see if I can come up with something interesting, away from the usual LOTR/fantasy stuff.

(julperado) #60

This one ended up looking like a boxer. I’m starting to like my sketches a bit more, I feel they are more “presentable” even in this (very) raw stage :slight_smile: