July 4th

Of course I realize that not everyone here is American, but here it is anyway!


File is 1024x768 and weighs 113kB.

C&C are welcome.


Kool! Always good to see some American Spirit!

The flag looks a bit dirty IMO…


nice… not very special… but nice :slight_smile:

Cool, I like it, nice job. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice Job. I’m not sure that the stars would be 3d off of the flag (maybe its just me), but good job. The little bit of grime on it adds a really nice touch.

Thanks for the replies. The grime was created with marble textures, this was because plain old red, white and blue is just too…plain. :smiley: I made the stars 3d out of the flag because they looked terrible when they were flat. As it is, nice. As a plain flag with plain colors and flat stars it was downright horrible. At least now it’s got some character. :slight_smile:


heh, good job on modeling but it looks to me Anti-Americish… :wink: I mean… with all the dirt on it and stuff… 8)