Jumbojet (A-311)

I tried another model today, using mediumquality blueprints.
It’s a Boeing 311 (at least I think :expressionless: ) I’m not a big fan of transportplanes but this time I made an exception.
Lowquality, 3.5hours modelling time, Rendered with blender internal for cellshaded effect and in yafray for 3d effect


I hope you guys like it because it isn’t very detailed

It’s very nice :slight_smile:
How much polygones does it have?
You should do the A380 … i wanted to do it since it’s something special at the moment as the largest civilian plane on earth.

Good job on the modeling.

Yes, when I find blueprints of that - then I’m going to model that too!

nice modeling,some crits: the front looks separated from the rest of the body,and the doors looks kinnda weird,like they are open.

cheers leon.

Just so yah know, Boeding doesn’t make the A-3XX series of planes. They are made by the company Airbus thats in direct competition with Boeing for superiority of the Jumbo Jet industry. Boeing actually doesn’t care to much to have this title. Boeing is counting on the air industry to want more midsize planes that can land at more airports with a relativly low travel cost. Boeings new 777 only holds around 300 passengers but can travel much farther for much less than the A380. I think Airbus is being a bit shortsited in assuming the industry is going to want such large planes at this time. They wanted to pre-sell 250 of the planes by the time the first one was out of the hanger…
Nice model tho lol, got carried away on the whole airplane thing. i wanna see it fly :smiley:

Thanks all for your comment

–=leon=-- - yes I’m aware of the doors but I must’ve messed up the mess somewhere :expressionless:

Shaun - Thanks for your explanation and yes, you’re absolutely right but in my opening post I explained I didn’t really know which company it was

Shaun, thanks! I thought it was so obvious that I didn’t mention Airbus. There was a spectacular show at the “cover off”!

This might go a bit off-topic, but I think this would interest most of you! Well, I suppose this is also about modeling!