Jump animation

Accepting Freelance work (Animation/Rigging)



Looks pretty good!
While I am going out on a limb a little for this (I’ve only taken one class on animation), I do have a bit of constructive feedback on the piece.

I think the jump itself (accelerating up) could be a little sharper / faster. It feels a little floaty on the way up.
The motion of the center of mass on the way up feels too close to linear, which also contributes to the floaty feeling.
Depending on the style you’re going for, the secondary motion could be a bit faster to give it a bit of a ‘sharp’ feel for a trained warrior.

Pay attention to the motion of the sword in the transition between going up and down. It accelerates pretty fast, which makes if feel a bit too light.

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This is the kind of movement I’m used to seeing in feature animation. Well done. Hope you get some work out of this.

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