Jump Between Keyframes (+ ignore keyframe types)

This addon adds two functions:

  1. jump to the middle of of the the current and next/previous keyframes (for breakdowns)
  2. adds properties and a panel to enable/disable keyframe types, from keyframe navigation. (only works with the operator from #1)

Keyframe type is the button next to the record button in the timeline (new keys), and you can change keys types by selecting them and pressing R in the Dope Sheet.
Currently keyframe types have no purpose other than display. This gives them more use.

(regular installation, placing .py file in scripts folder)
This does not modify hotkeys, so to add them (over default keyframe navigation) go to User Preferences > Input > Frames
Add New, (expand the item created), replace “none” with “screen.keyframe_jump_inbetween”, enter your new hotkey.

[keys_only] means to only jump to keyframes; with it disabled, it will also jump between keyframes
[backward] means to go left in the timeline (backwards)

If you’re using the same keys that were previously set for something, go up and either disable or change them.

The panel is located in the Properties Window, under the Scene tab.
Click the 5 diamonds to disable the corresponding keyframe types from navigation.

Navigation can be done with hotkeys (see Installation) or clicking the arrow buttons to the side.
The Double Arrows are for jumping to ONLY the previous or next keyframe.
The single arrows are for jumping to either the previous/next keyframe, or between the keyframes.