Jump Cycle

My first real attempt at animating

Feedback is encouraged

It’s too slow.

Start with the arms raised above his head and then pull them down and back as he jumps… is a bit slow but thats easily fixed. Also you could bob his head as he lands. Just keep practising.

Good try, but why not try to make Rotoscoping ? find you youtube and guy jumping that you can use as a reference, download the video with j downloader in mp4, (convert to a sequence of pics if its needed), load into the viewport and start matching timing and poses.

i have work in flash animation but how we jump cycle in animation, i want to learn about this.

That’s a good start! I think he needs to bend his arms more during the jump. Also, his feet slide inward before he jumps. Another subtle thing that helps a lot with animation is offsetting the action. For example, have one foot land slightly before the other. It just makes it look more natural.

And I agree with Agus3D that you should look at Youtube for reference, though you don’t necessarily need it inside of the Blender viewport. What my professor has us do is film ourselves doing the action, then just have the video up while we animate and click back and forth to reference it. Doing the action yourself helps you to understand what is happening within it, and just referencing the video instead of exactly matching everything helps you to learn timing and posing.

Feels very symetrical… like you have animated one side and then inverted it to the other… try having both arms doing different things.

also think about when you jump, are both your feet leaving the ground at the same time? or are they leaving at different times

the overal weight to the shot needs some work aswell… pretty much he goes down… then he should be accelerating as he returns up (different speed to how he goes down)… and this acceleration is what drives his force into the air, this should be one constant velocity which is slowly decreasing because of gravity.

his spine also feels a bit stiff

If its possible animate the foot rotations…

I suggest reading into the principles of animation – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/12_basic_principles_of_animation

I also highly suggest getting a videocamera, doesnt have to be high res… and film yourself doing the actual animation… look at it frame by frame… analyse what your bones are doing and when… i dont suggest rotoscoping it like someone else suggested BUT i do suggest looking at it for timing and spacing reference. make a new text document and write everything down… really analyze whats going on… such as frame 15 weight shift… frame 20 hips reach bottom of the anticipation… frame 30 hips are at the top of the arc. etc.etc.