Jump falling? Land??

Ok I got a question about logic, I got two animations. One jump animation and a land animation that is supposed to play when you hit the ground. Now I’m not so good with logic, and when I tried to set this up I ran into some problems. The thing is that I only want the land animation play after I have executed the jump, then I hit the ground. I have a problem setting this up as well >_> but what if you just walk off a cliff and falls without pressing space to jump. Then the jump animation and the fall animation won’t execute, could someone show me how you would setup something like this with logic bricks?

Bump, how can I play a land animation when I touch the ground? Both from falling from a cliff wihout jumping and jumping.

Sounds like you need to learn states. Someone just posted a nice simple tute in the resources section a couple of days ago. Once you’ve read that, you’d basically set up a jump state and a fall state, and the landing animation only plays when ground is detected below the character in the fall state.