jump not float

I’m having trouble making my character jump and not floating. I’m not trying to emulate reality, i want like a “Mario jump”.
I try this :
add an always force pushing the character down “increasing the gravity” and add more power to the jump.
the problem with this its that i have to add more power to move the character left and right, i try using servo control but the character stop falling when i move.

I believe somebody has already work this out, so I’m open to new ideas

What do you mean by “not floating”? Are you unsatisfied with the speed of gravity?

Note that blender’s gravity (which can be changed in the Worldbuttons) is in relation to Blender Units (BU). The default value for gravity is 9.8 BU/S^2 (9.8 blender units per second squared). This is an acceleration of 9.8 BUs. 9.8m/s^2 are the units of “real life.” The equivalent in feet/second is 16 ft/s^2. Make sure that your characters are to-scale (ie, a character should be about 2 BUs to fall at a correct speed).

The reason you have to add more power to move your character is because of friction. You have to work harder to go against friction when the force pushing an object into another object is bigger. Just think of lightly skimming your hand along sandpaper, and then putting all of your weight onto the hand and moving it along the sandpaper then.

To solve your servo problem, select each axis (X, Y, AND Z) instead of just one of them, and set the corresponding linV values to something really small (like .01). This will stop your “it’s not dropping anymore” problem.

Hope that helps!

TheSambassador thanks, but i don’t want real gravity acceleration i want cartoon game acceleration where a short fat man (Mario) can jump 5 times his height, but don’t take forever to come down, I’m taking about seconds here but in a game where you have to jump a lot those seconds can be frustrating.

I solve the servo problem, by adding limits to the 3 axis, but i don’t know if i’m going to use it because i need more abrupt accelerations.


I had this problem a lot at first also.

The trouble is, when you are setting the velocity, in the direction of movement, you are also setting the velocity in the z direction to 0.

You can fix this by using a force to move your character when in the air not a velocity, or I think by setting a velocity cap and using “add” instead of just setting the velocity.