Here’s my latest Work. A Picture i made after i play “X²-The Threat”
It looks a bit like the jumpgate in the Game, but i modified it a bit and i used other Textures. Sorry for the boring background, its also made with Blender, i just hadn’t found a good one for this pic. Hope you like it :wink:


Nice job. I like the background personally. Maybe add some stars to give the image more volume?

Nice portal effects, and great use of the marble texture (that’s what you used for the background, isn’t it?)

I like it. Normally jumpgates don’t live up to my expectations, and this wouldn’t be the way I’d imagine them at all. Honestly, I think the style you’ve used would suit a magic portal better – less actiony, more ponderous. Nevertheless… somehow it works for me :slight_smile: Easily better than anything I can do right now :smiley: