Jumping between trunks

My second animation in blender for my next demoreel.

Hi Ayaba,
that´s really good, the motion is nice, fluid and looks natural.

Well done!

very natural looking animation. Jealous!

Thank you Aln727 and Georg12.

Any critiques to do better next time, please?

The animation is really great and looks very natural!
I would have prefered a grassy like ground since some of the trunks stay tilted, but that’s just personal preference

A fun animation to watch. I kind of think more contrast between the background and your subject would have made it pop a little more, or something like oblovon mentioned, but a really nice animation.

Thank you Oblovon and harleynut97…For my next animation on blender I’ll try to make a good background. Thank you. :smiley:

Fail! That’s all I can think of when that rabbit fell!

xD That’s right XeroShadow

DUUUUUDE that’s perfect in my opinion!

haha, nice. :slight_smile: i didn’t see the end coming!

The animation is good. My only comment is with poses when Buck stands in the first two poles, the gravity center feels off. He do the balancing ok, if you can correct the pose the end result will be better. Nice job.

Thank you to all, I’ll try to do better next time.