Jumping beyond its Armature... and ground control

Just another test with a six leged sheep a ground (that should be dedected by the sheep).
I’m crossing a little hard weather with it. The sheep keeps on bouncing and getting deformed…

Quite tricky and complicated matter to me… If someone is patient enough to have a look after it and point out the mistakes, i’d be pretty much happy.
Here’s the 1.8 mb file (ziped=700kb - hair particles are out): http://www.visionnart.ch/public/3d/mouton_NOpoilsArma_2.blend.zip


Well, no problem if i totally disable the Softbody… Guess i will have to renounce having some mellower surfaces here and there.
But, wasn’t there a posibility to add Softbody on parts of the skeleton? BlenderWiki doesn’t show about that…