Jumping in feet first

Couldn’t find a new users thread to post to so I started one.

waves to everyone

I’ve been using Blender off and on for about a year (I started with 2.49 but couldn’t deal with the interface but came back after the 2.5 release) and am working on how to make better models and get myself a decent workflow.

The only Blender project I’ve got going on right now is a 2005 VW Beetle just to get started with learning vehicle topology. It’s pretty bad so I’m probably going to start it over unless I can fix it after I get the body done.

Well I look forward to participating more on the forums and getting to know you all.


Welcome Anita :slight_smile:

Thanks Juan :slight_smile:

just counting up the letters to be able to post. There, that should be enough.

Cute photo pixelmass.

Ah I have to start my car over as it’s taken on an unexpected (not really) crappy mesh. Blah. Think I need to search the board look around. Can’t post images until 10 posts if memory serves me?

Welcome. :slight_smile:
You could post screenshots of your model in Focused Critique if you want. :wink:

2005 VW beetle… that’s an interesting project choice. Some really challenging shapes to get right, but very clear and distinct. It almost looks more like a concept sketch (or Zbrush sculpt) made out of simple primitives than a finished car.

Edit: Also, welcome

Thanks guys. I picked the beetle because I thought it would be a bit easier to make aside from the sports cars with all their cutouts and lines…not sure how to describe it just that they look a bit more challenging to me. I have to start it over my mesh was just awful and all over the place. Hopefully this restart of it will work out better than my last 2 attempts at it.

@Ross I shall do that once I get it restarted again :slight_smile:

I suggest that the best way to keep from going bonkers :slight_smile: is to … no, I won’t say “start small,” but rather, “start incrementally.”

If you try to create a perfect model of a VW your first time out of the block (or your second, or your third, or your forty-fifth, or your forty-sixth…), hey, let’s face it, you’re not gonna get “there.”

But … you certainly will get “somewhere,” and what you really want to concentrate on is figuring out – self-critiquing – just where that “somewhere” is, and isn’t. Your eye’s gonna love some things, instinctively, and reject other things, again instinctively. Pay close attention to what your well-trained eyes are telling you, “instinctively,” and try your best to put those instincts into words.

Nevertheless, don’t judge. Observe. Compare to reference photos. Keep every iteration of your work-in-progress and compare one to the other. Don’t let yourself get discouraged. Rome was not built in a day. If you set unrealistic expectations, then: (gasp!) “you’ll fall short! Imagine that!”

Take what you did do, then consider how you might make it a little better, and (with a copy of what you’ve got), incrementally try to improve upon it a little bit. Then observe. Next, with a copy of either that file or its predecessor, experiment again. Keep a diary.

Awww dang! I’d already deleted that version of it as I felt it was just too bad to deal with or fix. Now I wish I’d kept it. That’s exactly my problem. I try to do too much at once instead of working on one detail and make sure it’s good before I go on. I’ve gotten myself into the mentality to hurry up and get it done and get on to the next thing. Which now I realize I can’t do that anymore. I’ve been stuck there since I started out doing vectors and photos for microstock for the last 3 years. It’s been definitely a hard habit to break.

I’ll definitely start keeping all file versions and keep track of what works and what doesn’t. I need to learn to be more patient as well. Thank you very much for your words they’ve really helped me a lot :slight_smile: