Jumping on a platformgame

Hi, I know how to go áround, fly, but don´t know how to jump,with not any ability to fly. When I press SPACE-key, I want the player jump, not fly… :Z

I use logickey

I for some reason figuired this out today and it takes abit of stuff to do.

FIRST! The surface that your on has to have a texture name or property.
SECOND! Add a keyboad button for your charater and a collision then in the text box in collison add the texture name or property, to toggle this use the M/P button.
THIRD! Join the keybord button and the collision to a single AND gate then connect the AND gate to motion. Set the middle force to about 50 if your character is on default settings and START JUMPING!

BTW: This is my first post. And tell me if this is useful information.