Jumping on the head wagon

All the cool heads getting done I figured I’d start one. Not going to model what isn’t seen just want to make something cool. And only spend a couple of days doing it.

Heres were I’m at, grabbed the reference from cgtalk hcrm thingy need to smooth out the neck and get some fat fold on it. jaw and cheeks need work


almost time to start the hair

trying to shake the girlness off him. having a hard time getting the face just the right width.


Good job.

For me the upper lip is not the same. Too slim.

keep it up!

does anyone have any tips on lighting black hair. The only thing I can think of is dedicate some lamps just for reflected light and others to push the spec. But I was hoping that there would be an easier means to it. One that doesn’t require me to setup two different lights setups one for hair one for head.

the face doesn’t have the fullness it needs because I tried to face perspective and I think its catching up to me now.


Decided to start getting the lighting up before continue to do the next portions of the hair.
big pic

lighting is a mistery to me still so bare it.

playing with color. I think the hair is damn slick, i’ve been trying to capture that red tint you see in some asian hair. I’ve never played with the shader before…oh the shame its so much fun. I thought of a neat way to mimic real hair but I bet its nothing new, but it was cool when it dawned on me.


Everyone seems to be able to model a face but me, :(. Excellent work and I like how you added color to a scene from a black and white movie.

Thanks Greneade, you’ll get there, I can’t wait till I’m more there lol. Had my sideburns done but lost them…grrrr blender has only crashed on me 3 times now in about a year.

Here some hair test. I’m using multiple spec “rings” to recreate the reflection of a semi transparent medium such as hair. Hair will reflect from the surface and from the core. < Learned that reading about glsl shaders for hair. Now I just need a way to get the hair a little fluffier and then I’ll be in business.

brown, strawberry blond < still too yellow, and gray.

I could waste the whole day playing with shaders.


started work on normal and color maps to make him look less like well colored rubber


I’m about to finalize the face and lighting and move on to the rest of the stuff, kind of getting tired of working on this guy. Here is were the head is at. I’ll soften the wrink under the left eye and fix the dark dot on the other eye lid. Also when I figure out how to get a underlight with out shadows I’ll toss that in. Does anyone see any other quick changes they think should be made.


things left to do. Model eyes teeth, shirt sword and facial hair. And find a good back ground pic. I’m pretty happy with my fake sss. I’ll have to play with the new sss when i’m up to doing this again.

oh and again if someone knows how to get the hair more fluffy hit me up with your secret. edit nm found it now the secret tiss mine. lol change the alpha blending set to strand from mix to multiply and it looks much better now.