jumping on the yaf-wagon

well, as everyone else seems to be posting their numerous YAFRAY renders, i thought i’d post one of my own.


i know it doesn’t seem to be anything specific. it’s just a small part of a big ass mech thing that i’m making. the next pic i post of this model should make it a little clearer.

anyway, nice clean image, isn’t it?


it is indeed

can you tell me something about the lighting setup?

just off the top of my head (not at my main pc right now):

hemilight (low power)
photonlight (diffuse)

area and photon are at the same location (above, to the side) and both pointing at an empty at the middle of the object.

i can’t remember the values. i’ll check yable and post them later.


light values, as promised. better late than never:

power = 100
photons = 200000
depth = 3
search = 200
angle = 10
fixed = 4
cluster = 0.16

Area light
power = 20
samples = 128
Psamples = 64
side = 5

power = 1
samples = 25

Global settings (just guesses, yable doesn’t save them)
AA = 4 (16)
expos = 1500
gamma = 0.8
antinoise >> radius = 1.5, maxdelta = 1
all else yable default.

i know it could all do with tuning up for a much faster render, but these values were giving me an almost perfect result in under 3 minutes, so i’m not fussed.
i’ll wait until i’ve got the rest of it built before i start fiddling the settings. then i’ll have chrome and glass and millions of polygons to deal with. bugger.