Jumping to Next Keyframe Issue

Sorry… I’m doing some animation right now so I’ll probably be sending out a few more questions regarding Blender’s animation workflow.
My next question is in regards to jumping to the next key frame.
In point form this is what happens:
-I have a keyed controller on my rig selected.
-when I up arrow to jump to next key, it stops on keys from some other part of the rig.
-In the timeline I toggle on Show only selected channels thinking this will stop the key jumping from stopping at keys that I’m not currently working with.
-this did not work. when I jump to next keys, it seems to stop at any or all keys that may be keyed. Even if I’m not currently looking at them.

My question then is, is there a way to jump to next key based only on the keys I’m working with?


Shift + Up arrow to jump 10 frames.

Hi KS, thanks for the feedback, but unfortunately this isn’t what I’m talking about.
I added a demo blend file. You’ll see two bones. One bone has 4 keys, the other has 3. I set the time line to show the keys of only the selected object. If you select the bottom bone and then hit up arrow, you’ll see that the time bar does skip through all they keys, including keys not atributed to that bone, but to the other bone. Even though the other bone isn’t selected nor it’s keys are displayed. This is what I’m talking about. How do I get Blender NOT to do this. I want to skip to next key only for the keys atributed to the thing I have selected.
KeyJumping.blend (331 KB)

Just saw the file. I guess it jumps to the next key frame of the DopeSheet Summary (Marked in RED) and not individual items selected.
I am not sure though.

Hi, Molino. I’ve also noticed that Blender looking to DopeSheet Summary bar when jumping between keyframes.
I think your suggestion must be in Blender’s TODO or Bug Tracker.
By the way, maybe you know how I can scrub time not leaving 3D Window?
For example with Ctrl+RMB (I select with LMB).
I don’t like to use Alt+Scroll Up/Down to change one frame.
If you know Maya a little, then you maybe know TimeDrag Tool.
That’s what I need in Blender.


This surely has to be a bug?
It seems like an essential part to any keyframing workflow
to be able to jump keyframes on just the bone you are working on.
That’s how it worked before up to the changes made in blender 2.6.

Is there any way to adding that back into the newest blender, or
at least make it optional.