June 2 - August 2: The World Is Not Enough [CLOSED]

(Goofster) #1

Contest abandoned, no entries

The idea for this contest came from a few guys out of the community. thanks so much. this will be a good one.

Here’s the deal:


You have two months to make a world. But we dont want to see just the world. we want a story, we want maps, we want a language, we want everything.
In other words: The World Is Not Enough.

Of course we want as much blender in it as possible.

The Product

at the end of the two months. we want to see a webpage. you could make it a travelling brochure, a historical overview things like that. if you dont have webspace I’m sure there are people that would be happy to put it up somewhere
the point is:


we want a website that moves people. If they look at it. they have to say “I want to go there!”


As the topic suggests, you have untill 24:00 on august 2. thats GMT
(go here for a list of timezonestuff: http://www.timeanddate.com/time/abbreviations.html)

So, thats it people. start your blender and be creative. but no pictures without a good story!


(Timothy) #2

I pick earth :slight_smile:

(pofo) #3

Would it be ok if people said ‘I’d rather not go there, it looks dark and cold and wet.’

This contest has possibilities :slight_smile:

:o But it’s such a huge project! I wouldn’t know where to start. Ok I already have an idea, but I think this is a mite big for me :-?

I might catch on if I get bored though.

  1. pofo

(Zweistein) #4

It s cool, that we have so long time :wink:
I am going to make anything for that. The topic… is OK

(Vidigiani) #5

This sounds too much like an assignment from school to me :stuck_out_tongue:

(basse) #6

does people really have time for this?


(blengine) #7

does people really have time for this?

i do! hehe…i hope… this is gonna rock, i hope alot of people join, im so interested in seeing the entries at the end…

(Andy Goralczyk) #8

ok… i join the contest, maybe i can do something if i can find some time… :wink:
but don’t expect anything great :stuck_out_tongue:

i agree with Imgrandpaboy, I’m more interested in the other entries, too.
I’m looking forward to see them…


(Zweistein) #9

I Agree, too… with Imgrandpaboy
I am very interesting to see the results of Imgrandpaboy :wink:

(SKPjason) #10

Hmmm…this is just about the most interesting idea for a contest I’ve ever read…

Count me in… It’ll be the first contest I’ve entered since being banned from “On The Haunt” :wink:

…I don’t know where Goofy finds the time to come up with these ideas…

(@ce) #11

This be a great opportunity to learn more about enviroment making in blender. All entries will be a jewel to look at I’m sure!

good luck everyone

(Goofster) #12

Jason, I cant take credit for this. some other people invented this, I just worked it out a bit. I’m glad you’re entering, looking forward to seeing a World with freedom of sex and weed growing everywhere :slight_smile:

(aiziba) #13

Ok, I’m gonna make a half-arsed attempt. It might be good, it might not. Depends on how much time I can gather. Can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with though…

Great idea for a competition. Cool name too…


(bmax) #14

wow… thats a pretty damn broad topic! i bet its gonna yield a bunch of cool results!!


(Monzta) #15

A very good idea!!! I also have a good idea of a world, but I think it is a little bit too late to start with it and furthermore I am not experienced enough at blender :frowning: . Next time :wink: