Jungle Bear

My new picture.

please c&c

small test postprocess

i like the super green version better, it seems more alive. great work on the creature modelling, but his skin looks pretty simpl. no fur?


It looks good but the problem I see is that the animal has very little resemblance to a bear. It looks more like a monkey/dog with a herbavores appetite. I like the green affect and the post proscess is really cool.


I like the first one better. The vivid green colors really add a lot to the image. Great job on this one :wink: Slep

xrqlz:Yes simple skin, but for me is ok. No fur, I think, that it is better.
SirMikey:My target wasn’t bear, but sweet “animal”. I created name of picture after finish it.

The background image is awesome, so you need to work a lot more on your cute jungle bear!

For starters - the eye-to-chin area is a bit too bulky but lacking details to match,
what I mean is that you need some more details if you’re going the “no-mapping-road” or no fur…

Of course your bear could do just fine without both extra details and fur - but only if you have the environment to match!

Other than that…nice going, but keep going :slight_smile: