Jungle in Blender Cycles

And this is the animation link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tMEfVJdOZQ

why nobody is commenting this? The jungle looks great, really good work! I think the helicopters are a bit off… something weird with the animation, looks like they are sliding a bit. Also their shaders could be improved.

But again, the environment is really really good! :slight_smile:

You could just remove the helicopters and it will be fine…I guess

yeah i think the problem with the helis is that they have little contrast. Or too little reflections

yes, you’re right, the helicopters are the problem, thanks for showing me the problem, I was not aware!:wink:

Excellent work! The trees feel just a little bit too dense, making the mountain seem more like a hill with bushes. The trees themselves could also use a bit more variation, but these are all just nitpicks. Great job overall.

Animation the contrast is non existent, the helicopters fly sideways (?) the audio from the helos appears with them, should lead their appearance a bit more. Much of the animation is good though, I really like it.

how long did the animation take to render?

I think the helicopters COULD work, if they came into the shot from two different positions, that would help(maybe?). Or just have one. they don’t add to much story, but its better than just the forest. I agree with 3pointEdit, it would add a nice feeling of anticipation if you herd the noise before you saw them.

The jungle is amazing, although it might benefit from some randomized colors.

brilliant work! :slight_smile:

I love the trees below…I think if you had it ease into the camera shake and out a little smother and longer it would be more realistic and visually pleasing.

It is great, maybe the helicopters should shake a bit more.