Jungle Story


I would like to show you some progress that im working on.
This project is started some months ago but paused until the 2.50 official blender is out and use those nice features.




I think it could improve when it comes to walk cycles and such, but it looks like an ambitious project (far beyond anything I’m able to do). How long do you plan to make the animation? What is the story about? Is there a storyboard? Is the guy collecting clams?

/ Mats


Thanks for watching :rolleyes:, yes i need lot of improving for animations (body and face mimic walk etc.), in this state i just put together the two actors in one scene as porxy object and checking what kind of folder structure need for good managing the project. The story is very basic state yet and not complete, may will be changed a lot in future. (the short story is: Between guy and bird will have a conflict because the guy closed the water and take all fish form river… the bird try to arresting it some funny way :).
For now i will make the animatic storyboard for good timing and check how works some situations, and i plan about 4-5 min long.