Jungle landscape

Wow ! I’ve never been to the jungle before I see this image !
I think it looks great, the only thing that lacks, in my opinion, is a subject, something that catches your attention.
I understand the subject is the jungle, and it’s a landscape, but I don’t know, it feels like there’s something missing.

Great picture though ! Good work !

hi Hokiroya if you can give us some more info:
1-render engine
2-render time
3-hardware - cpu or gpu? model?
4-model of plants - you’ve done it youself, or they are from the library?

bnzs :

  1. Blender - Cycles
  2. Render time was something about 30 minutes :slight_smile: 300 samples
  3. i have Intel Core I7 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770
  4. everything is done by myself

Very nicely done, but yes, I agree with Woarius, the composition needs some work. The brightest thing is the out of focus bamboo in the forground, so my eye tends to want to look at it. There’s nothing to find once you push further into the image. Something like an old stone ruin with some jungle flowers for example. I see the water, but it is really very minimal. There’s something big dead center, but I can’t identify it. All the elements are really nice - just work on the composition. Just my opinion.

i have Intel Core I7 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770
final render done on gpu or cpu?

GPU i think :slight_smile: i dont remember :smiley:

It is very nice looking indeed. My eyes focus on the stones in the middle ; they look as though they were some sort of human-made statues at some point, but that time let nature take over. It’s a really interesting scene in my opinion, although the fact that the shapes cannot be recognized is indeed disturbing.